The Royal Ordnance Depot

Future Vision

With commitment and passion we aim to restore and maintain The Depot’s historic buildings and in turn protect the site’s fabric and heritage for generations to come.

The delivery of a new Visitors Centre is well underway and we look forward to receiving visitors who share an appreciation of the history of this unique military base.


Our mission is to bring to life the fascinating story of The Depot by allowing visitors to engage with real people who worked here during WW1 and WW2. Through unique oral history recordings and an exhibition of historic artefacts, visitors can learn about the crucial role the base played in serving our army and defending our country. We also hope to enlist a number of volunteers and provide job opportunities to local people.

We believe in the preservation of historic buildings and the rental of the original buildings as workshops and offices helps to fund and protect the long-term future of the site. Michael Chittenden, owner of The Depot is passionate about providing a place for small businesses to grow in a secure, creative and friendly environment. Our goal is to build a collaborative community and a hub of creativity away from the grind of the city. We want our tenants to look forward to their commute by offering a peaceful and inspiring place to work.


By putting Weedon Bec, firmly on the tourism map for anyone interested in Britain’s military heritage we further aim to boost the local economy. Future plans for The Depot also include overnight accommodation, a café, meeting rooms and a possible art centre.