The Royal Ordnance Depot

A Stunning place to work

If you are looking for a inspirational and unique office space or workshop to base your business then The Depot, formerly known as The Royal Ordnance Depot would be perfect for you.

Steeped in heritage and set in a truly beautiful place of natural beauty, The Depot is located in the heart of the picturesque village of Weedon Bec and surrounded by a gated, high brick wall.


As you enter the gates at the Clock Tower entrance you will see eight original storehouses arranged in two lines on each side of a branch of the canal, which is home to swans and perfect place to enjoy lunch in the Summer.

Our mission doesn’t end with the small businesses that call us home. Our goal is to build a collaborative community and a hub of creativity. Our tenants look forward to their commute to work because The Depot is away from the grind and offers a peaceful and inspiring place to work.


Please see the stunning aerial videos below to get a sense of how truly unique our 153 acre site is. If you would like to join our growing community please contact us today to arrange a tour on 01327 341 303.